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We have returned from Kentwell and I think it is fair to say that we all had a wonderful time. Arilyn truly enjoyed herself, and thanks to a couple of folks who helped her out she was able to enjoy the best of the Gentry world and that of the common folk. She came away with the basic rudiments of using a drop spindle and at least has an idea of how to use a spinning wheel, and carding wool is apparently a new favourite hobby of hers. Brian and I had a good time in the Manor, and it was great to work with the kids who came through to experience 1588 with us.

Many thanks to [ profile] myladyswardrobe and [ profile] edmndclotworthy for their guidance and examples. Your help made this possible for us, and words cannot express our gratitude.

Special thanks to [ profile] dameeleanor as well, for it was through your careful explanations that I finally figured out the whole business about stacking box pleats to make the ruffs.

And of course, thanks to everyone for letting your American cousins come to play in your charming game and being so kind and generous to us. I really cannot even compare this experience to any other and I can only say that we were humbled to see the devotion that is put into this tremendous educational effort.

I really could go on for a very long time about how the experience has changed us all, but I have a ball gown to have finished by the evening of the 18th and I am still working on the petticoat. The many ruffles of silk organza have all been cut and pressed and I am about to go in there and put that together. Hopefully I will make good progress on it this weekend.

Shevy has a little girl friend staying for a while and Arilyn is still in school until the 25th or thereabouts. I am just pushing to get things finished up so that I can take a break and organize some things around here. I do know that I am going to be working on blackwork in the near future, so that will be a project I can do when I am waiting places or have a few minutes to spare. I don't know what it is about me that just won't be happy if I am not doing something.

Here are some photos from the event that we took of each other as well as a few around the manor.


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