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I know, I am still not finished with my sampler, and have not even started the pin cushions, but I have a few other projects in the wings that are pushing their way to the fore. One is a purse, an evening bag, that I have designed. It will have coiling goldwork vines of plaited braid, and polychrome silk embroidery.

I have been thinking about how to make my embroidery more relevant for me today, and I guess that a 21st century evening bag fit the bill. I love having my samplers and other period embroidery, but one of my daughters was the one who really encouraged me to try to do something that could be used and appreciated in a modern setting.

The design is based off of the textiles I have studied over the past eight years. I have tried to remain true to the period designs, and at the same time make the over all look appropriate for the modern aesthetic. I left out the caterpillars, butterflies, bees, grasshoppers and other little critters that were so commonly used to fill the empty spaces, and that are so dear to me, utilising only tendrils of gold thread and a toss of spangles instead. It about broke my heart to close the beak on the bird and to omit the half eaten worm that I usually have dangling from the bird's beak, but I was striving for elegant and beautiful. The sad face on the broken worm may be witty and entirely appropriate for the coif, but I felt it out of place here.

I had originally thought to make the bag out of a short black velvet, but I think I have shifted to black linen. I am not going to embroider the back, only the front. I am going to convince my mum to make a beaded chain strap that will make it a shoulder bag. The approximate size is 6.5"x7.5". I will line it in silk, not sure which one yet, and it will have a small picket inside. The top closure is a hidden zip.

I have no clue of how to effectively transfer the design. My thought process was to perhaps pounce it with a light powder and then do a tiny light coloured running stitch around the entire design. In theory that is not such a bad idea, but it will sure add a lot of work to the project.

Does anyone have a better idea?
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