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After having had several people ask me to resurrect the Elizabethan and Jacobean Embroidery Group online, I did so, but really was not sure what kind of response we would get. Before I moved the group to another server, we had a total of 34 members. There was a general dislike of the new system, and the group fell into rapid decay. Sadness, but I was in the middle of a cross Atlantic move, and then a wedding, and then another move, and so on. I just did not have the time or energy to try to inject enthusiasm back into the group, and as it seemed nobody was really all that interested, I just let things lay as they were. Bad me.

Several of the former members, as well as a few new ones, had expressed an interest in me re-forming the group, and a suggestion was made to move it over to Yahoo from Google groups. I sent out some invites on Monday afternoon, and as of tonight I have added 88 people to the new group. 88!!! To say that I am thrilled is an understatement.

My hope is that this group will be a place where novice, expert and everyone in between can find something to help them further their interest in embroidery of this style. From looking at the list of people who have requested membership, I know that there is a very good cross-section of people. We have some who are nationally recognized for their work in this field, as well as others, such as myself, that are just really keen on furthering our skills. This is so exciting! We cannot expect a field like this to grow and stay relevant unless we get together and share our knowledge, and our enthusiasm.

I am hoping that people will pass this along to others who are of a like mind.

And now off to cut out pantalettes, smocks and petticoats for Arilyn's new 6.5" wooden and papier mache dolls that we are building. Not even going to talk about how totally un-fun it was to get those cheeks painted!
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