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I am sitting here in bed, laptop appropriately employed, being attacked by Cicero as he makes biscuits on my down comforter. He gets bored, walks to another spot, whilst making biscuits all along the path, works the comforter a bit, then walks on. He reminds me so much of his aunt, my beloved Juliet, and a bittersweet feeling passes by and stops in for a bit. I guess that after more the better part of a year I still have not finished my grieving for her. And so, it will be a long while before I invite another furry one so deep within my heart. Not that we have much control over that sort of thing, it tends to just happen.

So this weekend will be devoted to more sewing. Arilyn asked me last night why my fingers weren't soft on the ends, and I laughed. I reminded her of what I did with them, how I do so much hand work with my sewing and embroidery, and then she realized what the culprit was. I told her that she should not let that ever stop her from pursuing her love of needle arts, and she promised that it would not. She loves to sew and embroider, and I am glad that at least one of the girls will carry the skills of my grandmothers along to the next generation.

Alright, down to the second sleeve. I will post an entry about their construction soon.

Date: 2010-10-31 05:24 am (UTC)
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What's "making biscuits" ? kneading?

I've gotten a lot closer to my ex-abused cat Jasper in the last 2 months of being in bed with bronchitis. He let me pick him up and move him this morning and then stayed where I put him, instead of running away!

He likes to groom me. He's part lizard - a very long tongue. He reminds me of my Miss Clementine (Missy) whom I lost 5 years ago. It still hurts.
They look alike, and have some of the same mannerisms.

I call him Missy sometimes by mistake. And yeah, it still hurts. Oddly, more than it hurts with Guernesavien, who was kicked to death last year. At least she got 10 good years (the whole time I'd been sick). Poor Missy wasn't even 3 when she passed from a brain tumour.

How's this for a depressing entry?

But - like you when you wrote your entry - I have my buddies with me in bed. They aren't cooking anything tho - they in the non-movement stage of things. Tommy would be cold coz I've deserted him to sit up and type. He'll probably come and sit in my lap and be a keyboard chair in a minute, if I know him :-)


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