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We have managed to get things settled in here, for the most part. There is still a good bit to do, and life is always enriched by the exciting sewing projects that manage to show up, so I am staying busy.

Right now I am busy working on some outfits for us girls to wear in about two and a half weeks, because almost all of our female historical outfits were lost in the flood in May. Boo hiss! In an effort to conserve funds, I decided to drag out the two pieces of British wool that I purchased before I left Cornwall, and just go ahead and use them. These two pieces of wool are definitely not upper class, being of a somewhat coarser nature than say a gabardine or flannel.

Imagine my horror when I did a burn test and saw the charred remains turning into melted sludge.

The SHAME of it!

I was shocked, to say the least, because I bought the fabric from a highly respected British e-bayer, and the auction was specifically for 100% wool. I even wrote the seller and specifically asked about the fabric content before I completed the auction, which by the way was for two pieces of fabric, ten yards of one colour and twelve of the other.

I am disappointed, to say the least, but oh well. Not much to do now but sally forth and continue the project. It is not like we are working at Williamsburg or Kentwell, so I guess we can let the wool blend fabric stand as it is. The outfits will be easy to wash and wear, and I guess we can use them as Friday night outfits at events.

At least they don't have metal grommets in the front of the bodices, so that is something, right?


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