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We get up at about five every morning just so that we can hit the ground running and not drop the ball. At least that is what we tell ourselves. Brian goes to work and tries to maintain some level of control over the total chaos involved with the disestablishment of the base, while I stay home and try, bit by bit, to do the same here.

The past couple of days, this whole week, has been fraught with one hurdle after another. I suppose that if there is any truth to the axiom that "what does not kill you makes you stronger" then we should be just about super hero strength just now. In the past 48 hours I have been sorely tested, we both have. I won't even get into the drama at work. Here, I had the washer decide to die mid wash, with Brian's coveralls in it of course, a cat that we have not seen in a month crept into the house and delivered a litter of kittens in a box in our Harry Potter cupboard under the front stairs, and have been trying to keep up with all of the stuff I am throwing out and giving away so that I do not make a mistake and part with something important to someone. The stress of not knowing whether or not the navy was going to part with the funds we require to make this move was about to strangle my brain, not knowing when we were getting permission to do this that or the other was putting serious strain on my sanity, and of course feeling as if the weight of the world was on my shoulders was just not cool. None of it.

Most of the time I am coping alright. Not great, but at least keeping my nose above water. I am not sure why this week has been so chaotic and crazy in my head, but it has been tough. I have been able to have an oasis of calm when I take my daily walks here on the farm, snapping photos when I remember to take my Lumix along with me. It is just so beautiful here, truly lovely, and it brings peace to my soul just to be out in it.

So this evening, I have to finish the dishes, wait for the laundry load in the new washer to finish spinning so I can put it in the dryer, take a couple of boxes up into the attic and then finally I can head up and gently scoot Meemers out of the way so that I can join her in my bed. Silly cat, she seems to think it is her bed and that I am putting her out asking for a small portion for myself.

Tomorrow will bring more challenges, a meeting on the base to discuss this whole Afghan deployment, a meeting with admin about the lease here, the lease there, the funds they need to disburse, a dresser that needs to be sorted in my room and the last remnants of organizing in Ari's room. I also need to go through her clothes again, this time when she is not around, to sort some things into the donation bin. I mean, just how many hoodie jackets is that child going to need in Nashville? Right. Brian also has duty tomorrow, so it will just be us chickens tomorrow night for dinner. Miss A has requested chicken livers, so I think I am going to hook her up with that, as long as I can have mine with lots of caramelized red onions.

Oh, snap. Doc told me no fried foods because of my gall bladder.


Mur mur.

Maybe I will fry hers and broil mine. I just don't know if I can face them nekkid with no breading on them, not even a slight dusting of flour.

We shall see. I have more important things to expend my worry points on.

Good news is that Miss Shevy Ruth will be home from Miami next week, and she is bring that Brazilian honey of hers along for the circus. Talk about throwing the innocents in with the lions!

It will be fine. I will be fine.

I will be in Nashville a month from today.
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