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A quick update here on my V&A pictures. I have been wending my way through the hurdles associated with posting my images publicly, and this is where I now stand. I have been told that first off I need to not post the pictures on Picasa, and secondly I need to post smaller images. Apparently if I have my own webpage set up they will consider allowing me permission to post them, and I have to make the largest element of the images to be no greater than 500 pixels. I think now it is at 1600, so this is a substantial reduction, but one I that I am willing to make if it means getting the pics up.

I have the images up on a private webpage that currently nobody can view without a private authorization key because I wanted to set up the page so that the V&A people could see what I was doing and intended. I have the privacy settings such that nobody can capture any of the images, but apparently that is not enough. I also have to reduce the size, which of course I can do, but I think that some of the validity of the images may be lost by doing so. Regardless, I will do whatever they require to get the pics up.

The whole point of this is that I took the pictures for myself. I told other people about them, people on my list, and others want to see what I saw, up close and personal. They want to be able to study that exact borage, or the rose, or see how that coiling vine was done. These images are very close for the most part, and clearly show techniques and materials used. I have done extensive searches in the V&A image database and most of these items are not even listed. The few that are do not have any close images that show the stitches. I feel that having these images available for study will greatly help those who want to be able to know, as close to first hand as possible, how these stitches were employed, which stitches were in fact used, what materials, and not have to look at a distant image and give it a good guess.

I feel that the settings I have used on Picasa will prohibit anyone from being able to take the pictures and use them commercially, which is the concern of the V&A, but will gladly move them to a personal webpage. My problem is that I have never set up a webpage of my own, and have no clue of how to even go about doing so. Any hints or suggestions would be most appreciated.

I have the licensing agreement from the V&A. They were kind enough to send it to me, so now I just need to get my ducks in a row and I can have pics up for others to study. This makes me a very happy camper.
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