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Time really does pass so quickly. I cannot really believe that I am leaving this country in just a few short weeks. It seems as though the past two years has been a constant in my life, almost as if I have always been here and will always remain, but in reality I know that this is just because I am so rooted here. I do not want to leave, and yet, the time is drawing near when I must. I feel as if I am in a country dance when the beat starts sedately, the dancers move slowly and with great precision, refined decorum, and the dance seems to go forward with little change. It does though, it always moves forward slightly, ever increasing in tempo, but we dancers do not realize that it is approaching hurdy gurdy speed until we are all unkempt, our feet moving with lightning speed, passing, crossing, turning, repeating the pattern the best we can, knowing that soon it will end.

Speaking of country dance, how many nine year old children do you know who come home from school and play science revision games about the forces of nature and then turn to youtube for real fun? OK, so probably a lot of kids play games, I will admit that, but she was not really playing games, more like studying in a fun manner, and then she sat here and recited all of these dance steps with perfection right along with some Renaissance dance teacher on youtube. Apparently she has been doing searches on youtube for renaissance dance and found some interesting sites that she goes to all the time. She is so funny. She found out that the local SCA group where we are going has an active dance group and she almost swooned. I just hope that those people are open about working with a young lady and do not think she is too young. She will quickly disprove their notions if so.

More packing today, moving things that I do not want into boxes to go into the hook room until I can figure out how to dispose of them. We don't pack anything we are taking with us, just the stuff we want to get rid of.

Shevy left today to head to Miami to visit with her fiance and his family. This is the house she will be moving to next year, so she is looking forward to the visit for more than one reason. Of course she can't wait to see Gabriel again, I mean, oh my god it has probably been a whole week since they were together last. He is coming home with her in a couple of weeks, just before our packers get here, and is staying for a week. What a time to visit, right? Oh well, it will all work out.

I am just so busy most days (and nights) that I am having real trouble keeping things straight. What day of the week is it again?

The Summer Ball is this Friday evening. This ball lasts all night long and a full British breakfast is served in the morning for the late party goers. Of course we all know who in this house stays up late partying. Yeah, that would be me. My husband usually heads to a room at the mess and I stay up all night (talking). Last year for the Ball he stayed up all night too, but I am not sure how he will hold up this year. He has not stayed up late for any of the other festivities throughout the year, and his drinking buddy is not going to be there, so he will prolly turn in early. I have decided I am going to be a lamer and wear my old ball gown from last year instead of making a new one. Well, truth be told, I was going to wear my navy silk gown that I have never worn, but when I tried it on it hung on me like a potato sack. I was pissed. I just made it in November, and anyone who has seen me recently will vouch that I do not look like I have lost a lot of weight. So, you know where it is the biggest? The loosest? The one place where no girl wants her gowns to be slack. Yeah, my tatas seem to be losing mass, and I am greatly saddened. Grumble. So, I am wearing my red and black silk gown from last year, because I know that with the design of it I can stuff a sock or two in my corset and everything will be good. Hey, Brian is wearing the same thing he wore last year, so I don't see why it should be a problem if I wear my old rag. Anyway, I never really got any good pictures of me in it, so I will remedy that this time around.

Last Summer Ball. Last summer. Last party at Liz and Steve's house. Last trip to London. Last time to see the Stones. So many lasts, each one I saw coming, but I do not think that I realized how deeply they would be etched into my soul. I do not think I realized how profoundly I would fall in love with Cornwall, England in general, and I know that I will always yearn for this place as no other.

Empty boxes are waiting to be filled. More cleaning, stuff to throw out. And in the middle of the chaos, life goes on. Tonight Arilyn has her country dance class after school, then she comes home to have her riding lesson. Tomorrow she has French club after school and in the evening is her bridging ceremony from Brownies to Juniors. I am trying to keep things as normal as I can for as long as I can, but we are truly at the outer edge of the event horizon.


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