Jan. 23rd, 2011

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Arilyn's 5th grade class has been studying colonial life in America. They had a little project, a frieze, where the kids were given assignments to complete at home, and bring the completed artwork back in to include in the frieze. Arilyn, having lived in Cornwall, naturally piped up that she wanted to make a pub, because if the colonists were anything like true Brits they would have to have a pub nearby. She was given the assignment, with the size guidelines, and media suggestions. She got online, did research into what a colonial pub house might have looked like, and then she went to work. She designed, drew, and painted this herself. I went to school on Friday to take a photo to show her brothers and sisters, because they do not exactly live around the corner from her school anymore.

While I was there, I ran into one of the other parents from her class. We talked briefly, and I told her I was on my way to the classroom to take this photo. I was rather surprised when she frowned a bit, and then said to me, "You know, Arilyn's work made all of the other kids look bad. You really should not try to encourage her to out do everyone else all the time."

Shock does not adequately describe my feelings, but I managed to stay polite, and told the mom that Arilyn had only done what she always does, which is to say her best, and that she was in no way showing off or trying to outshine anyone else.

We went our separate ways, and I took the photo, which I will include here. I do not think that Arilyn did anything wrong by doing her best, and I have no plans to pass on that mother's words to her. Nor will I stop encouraging her to explore and do her best.


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