Dec. 6th, 2010

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After nearly a month of being ill, I believe that I am finally past the whole mess. I go back to the doc tomorrow so that he can give me the clean bill of health, so to say, and I am sure that a gentle nudge towards having the surgery to fix my sinuses will be forthcoming. Ha. Dude knows me, and knows how I feel, so, it probably won't be happening any time soon.

Brian left yesterday to go supervise an audit down in San Diego. The girls and I erupted with a great cheer when he walked out the door, did our girie pound-it, and exhaled with a sigh of relief. No boy cooties for a week! Whoo hoo! This means we get to monopolize the TV with stuff like Camelot and My Fair Lady, as well as many episodes of Bones. Arilyn likes to get her Booth fix for the day, and I think that Brian is a little tired of it. It also means that we can eat stuff he does not like, like Lima beans and Brussels sprouts, not to mention pinto beans and greens. We have already laid out a plan to sort some of the catastrophes that he has made, like stuffing everything from the table into the hall closet, so life should be good this week. I am hoping to find my camera that was on the dining room table, until Himself cleared it one day.

But we will miss him, of course, and will eagerly greet him when he returns home. He is going to be gone for most of the next year, and that kind of really sucks. He was gone for a year in Afghanistan, and really won't be home again for any length of time until next February. We have all adapted, each in our own way, but it is still tough to be apart so much. I try to keep in mind the separation of families of whalers, or soldiers and sailors of days long gone, and I know that we girls can manage what we have been given.

One way that we cope is to keep Arilyn busy. She is taking fencing lessons in Tacoma, so that eats up one night of the week. Harp lessons and practice are positive for her, and after yesterday I think it is safe to say that she thrives during performances. She noticed that her teacher was getting sore fingers, so she went up to her and asked if she could play her set again, which she did. Rebecca played some more, and then another student showed up to play two songs, and then she asked Arilyn to play again. Turns out that teach had not practiced in a month, due to some traveling, so she was not in good playing condition. Arilyn basked in the limelight, let me tell you. I wish we had a smaller harp that she could tote around to SCA events, because she would really enjoy playing at them. She has asked for music that is period appropriate, so I suppose that is next on the list.

Sewing is coming along apace, but I am woefully behind in my goldwork master class sampler. I am going to blame it on the wedding, the cross- country move, being sick, and anything else I can. Hopefully I will have it finished by February, so I am going to knuckle down and really focus on it over the next couple of months. I will post pics of everything soon, like, when I find my camera.


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